Thursday, February 13, 2020

My Furry Valentine

Over the years, my husband and I have celebrated a lot of Valentine's Days. And we have celebrated in a lot of different ways. There have been fancy dinners in elegant restaurants, and there have been quiet dinners at home. There have been fancy Valentine cards, and there have been homemade ones.  There have been roses and chocolates and jewelry. But my favorite of all the Valentine gift from my husband was this little fur person he gifted to me in 2004.


There may be one possible exception to her status as "favorite Valentine gift ever". That would be the chocolate dipped strawberries Al brought me from the Ghiaradelli store at Disney a few of years ago! It's a close competition! But since those strawberries didn't last, and Molly was with us for many years, she wins! On that Valentine's Day 2004, I never even imagined what a delight she would be. How much I would love her. I knew she was a beautiful puppy, but I had no idea how much fun she would be or what a bubbly personality she would have. She was by far the best little fur companion I could ever have asked for. 

Molly is no longer with us now. We had 15 wonderful years together. In her last years, she was not quite as energetic as she once was. She spent most of her time eating or sleeping. But she was still a delight to have around and I miss her!

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